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Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Recall

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Biomet Reverse Shoulder Humeral Device Recall

If you have had a shoulder replacement surgery in the period between October 2008 and September 2015 in which a Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Humeral device was implanted in your shoulder; then you may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit against Zimmer for the Class I Biomet shoulder recall initiated by the FDA.

A class I  means that there is reasonable probability that anyone who has had the Zimmer Biomet comprehensive reverse shoulder implanted could be at risk of adverse health consequences, in this case fractures or infections that may lead to total loss of the shoulder function.

The Abbot Law Group, P.A is looking for claimants who have been affected by this Biomet shoulder recall, put at risk for having this device on or suffered fractures and immobility in their shoulders.

Many of the patients are not aware of the safety risks of this defective product because the manufacturer didn’t warn them accordingly.  The manufacturer either knew or should have known about the complications which could lead to failure of the shoulder.

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FDA Initiates Class I recall for the Zimmer Biomet Shoulder

A Class I recall is the most serious type of recall where injuries could be permanent or in the worst cases, could even lead to death of the patient.

The Zimmer Biomet shoulder recall affects up to 3662 devices that were used in shoulder replacement surgeries during the 2008 to 2015 time period. The FDA has to ensure that the recall is complete within the stated duration and the manufacturer complies by notifying all those affected and quarantining the product from the market.

There are three types of claims associated any recalled products:

Failure to warn claim
This is if the manufacturer knew there was a defect in the product and failed to notify or educate the users on the risks associated.

Defective design claim
These stem from inadequate development of a product, when the design process doesn’t test the foreseeable defects that might arise from a product.

Defective manufacture claim
If manufacturing wasn’t done correctly and inspection failed to note defects then these claims arise.

Do I have a Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Lawsuit?

The attorneys at the Abbott Law Group, P.A. are offering free case investigations for anyone who has been seriously affected by the recall.  The defective should implant could lead to costly revision surgeries down the road for people who have experienced a failed shoulder implant, bone damage, or surrounding tissue damage.

Needing to have revision surgery means the recovery period for the surgery may be increased as well as additional scar tissue around the shoulder joint which could lead to additional pain and complications.

Contact our law firm right away for a free consultation to see if you may be legally entitled to receive compensation for the Zimmer Biomer Shoulder class I recall.