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Trampoline Injury Lawyers

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The most impactful injuries can happen when we are enjoying ourselves with our families. Trampoline injuries resulting from improper maintenance, usage, or manufacturer error have become quite common in recent years, and lawsuits as a result of various factors can leave families in need of specialized legal consultation. Luckily, there are teams of highly knowledgeable trampoline injury lawyers available to represent clients like you. We can help if you or a loved one has sustained injury on another person’s trampoline; or if somebody was injured on your trampoline and you require legal representation.

Trampoline Injuries

Injuries resulting from trampolines are most commonly injuries of the knees, feet, or back. Unfortunately head and even brain injury is not uncommon in some cases. Injuries like these involving hospital emergency room treatment have reportedly tripled in the past decade, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Fractures account for about 50% of trampoline injuries, with 12% of those being localized in the spinal cord. Injuries such as these can result in permanent loss of motor functions and other terrible consequences.

How Trampoline Accidents Happen

Trampoline accidents can occur in a myriad of ways resulting from various types of misuse or assembly error, including:

  • Collision between people on the trampolines
  • Improper assembly of trampolines by owners
  • Falling onto the ground or other parts of the trampoline
  • Injury to the feet or ankles resulting from multiple users bouncing at different times
  • Children or adults not being properly instructed on trampoline usage
  • Injuries resulting from old or improperly maintained trampoline parts

Trampoline Safety Tips

There are many ways to mitigate the risk involved in trampoline usage which can allow families and friends to enjoy their trampolines without significant injury or loss. These Include but not limited to:

  • Proper instruction and supervision during trampoline usage
  • Always bouncing in the center of the trampoline
  • Never performing flips or other acrobatic feats without proper training
  • Ensuring users take turns or otherwise don’t crowd the trampoline
  • Making sure that children younger than 6 do not use the trampoline
  • Making sure that the trampoline is not left open for use by strangers or unsupervised children
  • Always properly assembling your trampoline and any included safety equipment
  • Making sure no parts of the trampoline are corroded or otherwise damaged

How Can A Trampoline Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Injuries resulting from manufacturer error or from using other people’s trampolines can result in complex lawsuits requiring expert legal consultation and representation. Whether you or a family member has suffered an injury on an improperly assembled trampoline, or somebody is targeting you with a lawsuit involving trampoline injury and you require representation, we are here to help you get the legal expertise you need.

Even when you take the proper steps to ensure you and your loved ones can enjoy your trampoline without injury, accidents can happen. And you can never account for neighbors or friends assembling their trampolines properly 100% of the time, much less manufacturers. We know the numbers, we know the costs. Call us now for a free consultation.