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Propane Tank Removal Lawsuit

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Propane Tank Removal Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Did you inherit an above ground propane tank that you didn’t want to use? Did you get charged for removing the tank?  If so you may be legally entitled to financial compensation.

The attorneys at the Abbott Law Group, P.A. are investigating the need for a potential class action lawsuit against propane companies who are using unfair and deceptive trade practices for removal of unwanted propane tanks and other equipment.

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Propane Companies may be unfairly charging new homeowners with propane tank removal servicesPropane tank

One propane company has upset so many people, that there are several complaint boards and websites dedicated to negative experiences and testimonials of former customers and new homeowners who wanted to share their story.

Other complaints and negatives reviews can be found on the Better Business Beauro, Yelp.com, and other review websites.

Some of the complaints are from people who bought a house and wanted to use a different propane company’s service.

One homeowner from North Carolina was charged a rental fee for a tank that had been out of service for 6 years.  The propane company told him it would cost $300 to remove the outdated tank.

Other complaints against the propane company include:

  • Charging more than the going rate for propane
  • Price gouging during winter months
  • Billing for more gallons than were delivered
  • Refilling tanks without the authorization of the customer.
  • Failing to repair gas leaks in a reasonable amount of time
  • Not delivering propane for days while the tank sits empty
  • Charging fee’s that are in total disregard of certain state laws

 Joining a Propane Tank Removal Class Action Lawsuit

If you have had a negative experience with a propane company regarding the removal of unwanted equipment, and then were charged for it, then you may be eligible to receive financial compensation.

The propane company should be billing the previous owner of the house who rented the tank for any unsettled balances, not the new owner or occupant of the house.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see if you may be eligible to join a propane tank removal class action lawsuit.