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LockState 6000i Lock Lawsuit

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LockState 6000i LawsuitHave you been locked out of your house because LockState 6000i updated firmware mistakenly? If you have been affected owner you may be eligible to file LockState class action lawsuit. Call our lawyers at (904) 292-1111.

Smart lock vendor Lockstate has informed customers that it sent firmware updates with a “fatal error” that bricked the software operating the locks. Popular among Airbnb hosts, the device allows them to give guests an entry code without giving them physical keys.

The now software crippled keypads for these locks (now requiring physical keys) leaves owners with two options: send the now inoperative part back to the manufacturer (and wait 5-7 working days for manual updates) or ask for a replacement which will require a 14-18 days before a new unit can be shipped.

If you are the owner of one or more of these locks you may be entitled to compensation. Call or email the attorneys at the Abbott Law Group for a free consultation. 


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