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How difficult will it be to win my Florida spinal injury case?

Abbott Law Group, P.A. > Frequently Asked Questions  > Spinal Injury FAQs > How difficult will it be to win my Florida spinal injury case?

The answer to that question depends on several factors. The first and most important is liability or fault. If in fact someone ran a red light and there are several witnesses to it then liability or fault is clear and there’s no issue. The second will be the severity of your spinal injury. In other words, you could have spinal injuries that result in something called paresthesias where you just have a little bit of trouble moving or you could have paralysis or you can be quadriplegic.

Then the third factor is going to depend on how much it’s going to take to take care of your spinal cord injury for the rest of your life. Usually that’s a very big number. If in fact there is liability insurance coverage that’s large, in the seven figure range, then it’s going to take at least a year and maybe two to resolve that case because you’re going to have to file a lawsuit and you’re going to have to get a trial date. Now if there’s not enough insurance that case can probably be resolved much quicker. I would say somewhere in the nine to 10 month range.