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Can any attorney handle a Florida spinal injury case?

Abbott Law Group, P.A. > Frequently Asked Questions  > Spinal Injury FAQs > Can any attorney handle a Florida spinal injury case?

Technically yes, if you’re a licensed attorney in Florida, you can. But there are 62 areas of practice and personal injury is only one of them. It’s better to have someone who specializes in the Florida bar, has a designation called civil trial lawyer, and that covers personal injury, so that I think is important to look for in selecting a lawyer because the result is going to be different, depending on if you hire somebody who’s never done a PI case and somebody who’s been doing it for decades.

The liability insurance carrier, the last thing they’ll evaluate in assessing a value to your claim is your attorney. And if he sends him a demand and they don’t pay it, he’s going to take them to court, then the value of that case is going to be higher for settlement.