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Can any attorney handle a Florida nursing home abuse case?

Abbott Law Group, P.A. > Frequently Asked Questions  > Nursing Home Abuse FAQs > Can any attorney handle a Florida nursing home abuse case?

Technically, the answer to that question is “yes.” However, there are 62 areas of practice in Florida law for attorneys. No one is an expert in 62 areas. Practically speaking, the answer is “no.” You want a lawyer who has done this before for a multitude of reasons. First of all, nursing homes now are set up under multiple corporations, what we call “shell corporations”. You have to be sure that you have gone through all of these shell corporations to find the responsible party that is able to pay. Secondly, there are dozens, many more than dozens, regulations for nursing homes that they have to comply with. Your attorney needs to find an expert, someone that he’s worked with before, who understands all those ruled and regulations from nursing to medication to nutrition to weight loss to everything. That is how you win a nursing home case, but having someone who understands and knows that information forward and backwards.