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Why are class action lawsuits controversial?

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Well, class action lawsuits are controversial in large part because they permit people who normally would never be able to enter into a courtroom and assert their rights to be able to do so. Those people who have a hundred dollars in damage because they’ve received a defective product normally who would not be able to sue, would be able to band together with thousands perhaps of other people who had the same issue, and be able to recover for their damages.

Take a look at your airbag type of lawsuits in which you have perhaps hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected. You may not necessarily have one person go in and sue because it would take too much trouble. The amount of money it would take to file a lawsuit and hire a lawyer would be prohibitively expensive. Large organizations understand this. This vehicle that lets them be sued as if they had the entire universe of people who’ve been affected is something that they typically are … They rail against. The controversy behind it is that it’s just a vehicle to take money out of the large corporations, which is not true.