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Select Restaurants Inc.

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Select Restaurants Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Did you recently visit a dining establishment owned by Select Restaurants Inc.?

Did your debit card have fraudulent charges or unauthorized purchases after your visit?

Then you may be eligible to join a potential class action lawsuit and receive financial compensation.

Contact our lawyers right away for a free consultation to see if you may have a claim.


Select Restaurants Point of Sale payment system infected by malware

KrebsOnSecurity, one of the leading cyber security authorities, was contacted by the major financial institutions after their anti-fraud teams were reporting a large number of fraudulent transactions after their customers had visited a high-end restaurant.

After KrebsOnSecurity did an investigation, they learned the recent victims of bank fraud has all visited a high-end restaurant owned by Select Resturants Inc.   It was also learned that cyber criminals may have also hacked Select Resturants’ website.

When their website is google searched, a warning pops up that “This site may be hacked.”  This lets potential visitors know that there may be a security issue and to proceed with caution.

It is possible that hackers may have been able to infect the website, monitor all credit card transactions going through, and then steal the data to be used for identity theft in the future to make unauthorized purchases.


Select Resturants Affected by Malware

Below is a list provided by KrebsOnSecurity which name the locations that had an infected Point of Sale payment system.

  • Black Powder Tavern – Valley Forge, PA
  • Parker’s Blue Ash Tavern – Cincinnati, OH
  • Parker’s Lighthouse – Long Beach, CA
  • Parker’s Restaurant & Bar – Downers Grove, IL
  • The Rusty Scupper – Baltimore, MD
  • Top of the Hub – Boston, MA
  • Winberie’s Restaurant & Bar – Oak Park, IL
  • Winberie’s Restaurant & Bar – Princeton, NJ
  • Winberie’s Restaurant & Bar – Summit, NJ


At the time of writing, Select Resturants has not released a public announcement, warning their customers that their payment information may have been stolen.    If you have visited one of the above locations, you should monitor your bank account for any fraudulent transactions.  You may also wish to see if your card was affected by calling your bank’s fraud dept.


Do I have a Select Resturant’s Class Action Lawsuit Claim?

You may be eligible to receive compensation if your debit card was used as payment at one of the above locations and then had to be canceled due to unauthorized purchases.   Our attorneys are investigating damages for a potential class action lawsuit.

Please call us right away for a free consultation to see if you may be eligible to receive financial compensation from a possible Select Resturants class action lawsuit