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Equifax Data Breach Lawsuit

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Equifax Data Breach.

It’s been reported that Equifax, the giant consumer credit reporting company, has suffered one of the largest data breaches on record.  As many as 143 million American’s personal information including names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and the numbers of some drivers licenses, has been accessed by cyber criminals. In addition, Equifax is reporting that credit card numbers for 209, 000 Americans were exposed.

Be aware that Equifax will try to offer you a free credit monitoring – but there is a catch. Victims of Equifax data breach will have to pay for the service after a year if they don’t cancel it.

The exposure and criminal access to your personal information can have serious, and possibly permanent effects on your ability to obtain credit, buy a house, get a job, or work for the government in a sensitive position. Criminals may create a digital version of you, using your credentials, and secure credit, positions, or even commit crimes.

Equifax also provides credit monitoring, and those who have been offered or use that service should be especially careful for possible fraudulent communications from cyber criminals.

If you have been alerted that your information was stolen from Equifax, or were recently the victim of identity theft, contact us for a free consultation.  You may be eligible to receive  financial compensation. 

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