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Ai.type Virtual Keyboard Lawsuit

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It’s been reported by ZDNet that personal data belonging to more than 31 million customers virtual keyboard app AI.Type has been leaked online. AI.Type, which offers an onscreen keyboard that can be customized, is said to have more than 40 million users. The application utilizes key-logging technology, and each key stroke user enter on the AI.Type keyboard is apparently sent to AI.Type, which is a risky practice. Android itself states that such keyboards “may be able to collect all the text you type, including data like passwords, credit card numbers, and even personal and private health care information. Alarmingly, AI.Type accordingly has access to contact data, text messages, photos and video access, on-device storage, and even full network access.

ZDNet further reports that the server containing the information wasn’t protected with a password, “allowing anyone to access the company’s database of user records, totaling more than 577 gigabytes of sensitive data.” A significant amount of customer information is contained in these records, including users’ full name, email address, physical location, city and country. The free version of the application captures even more personal and private information, including the phone (or other mobile device) IMSI and IMEI numbers, user’s phone number, internet provider, cell phone provider, internet provider. Even more alarming, it was reported, is that many of these records contain details of users’ public Google profile, including email addresses dates of birth, gender, and profile photos.

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