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Deep Learning AI

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Deep Learning AI

Deep learning AI is Stealing Our Data

deep learning AIEvernote, the popular note-taking app, used to have its own servers. Why was this great? Because those servers stored millions of users’ most private data. Well, with great popularity has come a great need for larger server space. Of course, massive tech giant Google has swooped in and generously offered its own servers for this purpose.


But it comes with a catch – your data is not private anymore. It’s not good when Evernote staff can read your data, especially when that data is ultra-sensitive and must be anonymous. The tech leaders at Google and Evernote seem to think seamless data integration and analysis is a good thing. No matter how private you want your notes to be.


How is that Silicon Valley can use “AI” and “Deep Learning” as the reasons they are going to be merging and reading your private data? Of course, Evernote then had to notify its users that its service would be more personalized, which automatically means they have to oversee your data. Even the claim that the data will remain confidential seems flimsy. Still, you do have the ability to opt out.’ But, you might be punished for it in the long term since you won’t be able to access more fully advanced features.


As far as you, the user, is concerned, Evernote is just a user-friendly and handy way to keep your notes organized. Up until now, you probably also appreciated the backup and cloud storage capacities. One less thing to crash and kill all of your data. Notes are not meant to be seen or read by anyone other than yourself, right? That is what most users thought, so it is not surprising Evernote started receiving a loud and vocal response to this data merge. A user might not want to put all their faith in any kind of secure cloud data storage service. Maybe a better solution is to forego technological data collection through Evernote and just go back to locked diaries like in middle school.

What Deep Learning Means for our Future

So, what does Deep Learning have to do with a note-taking program? This is a brand new area of technological analysis within the realm of machine learning. That’s right. It’s one step closer to true artificial intelligence. The machine learns through deep and extremely thorough data analysis, like your data.


The creepy factor is intensified when you think about why Google would like to take a look at your Evernote grocery lists and birthday present ideas. It is just practicing “Deep Learning” data collection, so they can create a technological robot butler’ to assist you with personalized task management. This is always how bad ideas start – with good intentions.


Will “AI” eventually replace the need for actual humans to do these tasks themselves or even perform jobs? That is the million-dollar question that you might want to ask Silicon Valley yourself. It is not that big of a leap from changing servers to getting fired because that robot butler’ can do any task easier and faster than you.


Perhaps someday the robots will put Google and Evernote staff out of a job.