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Xarelto Uncontrolled Bleeding

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Xarelto Uncontrolled Bleeding

Xarelto Internall BleedingPatients undergoing knee and hip surgeries have always relied on blood thinners to reduce the chances of blood clotting. Taking in a required dose usually enables the patients as a matter of fact have a smooth sail when it comes to recovery. With the use of Coumadin and warfarin in the market for years on end, the introduction of Xarelto was welcomed as many people prefer to try a new and well marketed drug. This automatically shut some doors to the once dominating blood thinning drugs in the market which even though worked perfectly seemed too cumbersome to handle.

Xarelto Dosing For DVT

Xarelto is only required to be taken once a day. The first dose being taken 6-10 hours, patients only had to remember to take the dose once. Doses are usually not adjusted, thus you can take the same amount of drug from start to finish regardless of the recovery at hand. Doses often missed are encouraged to be taken on as soon as possible once you remember. Taking of double doses is not prohibited as a missed dose can be doubled to cover up.

Xarelto Side effects

Without the required doctor visits for monitoring a reported number of side effects have been reported. The most common is the uncontrolled bleeding injuries that you can experience from normal body openings. This includes nose bleeding for very long periods of time without stopping. However the worst one is internal bleeding which is difficult to detect due to the reduction in doctor visitations. Other side effects you are likely to suffer are pains all over the body. This usually happens in the first week of using Xarelto after surgery. Uncontrolled bleeding injuries also experienced may come in the form of heavy menstrual bleeding. This can last for more than a week, in a sense draining the blood and reducing it to a bare minimum. A common side effect usually experienced is itchiness on the whole body, this usually happens even after taking showered and ensuring the skin is well moisturized. However this side effect is usually temporary and disappears after the body gets used to the drug at hand. With uncontrolled bleeding occurring you are to go to the emergency room as soon as possible for medical treatment as it can lead to death.

Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) Blood Thinner

Johnson and Johnson in collaboration with Bayer introduced the drug in 2011 and reported massive profits from the sales done. This is for the simple reason that the doctor visits marketed by the older blood thinners required frequent doctor visits, a thing that was eliminated by use of Xarelto. When it comes to the comparison of blood thinners Xarelto seemed to have all the support as you do not have to have a specific amount of Xarelto in the body at any particular time. Reduction in costs with the elimination of doctor visits, Xarelto commercials often advocate for simplicity in recovery time from surgery without the need to have to go to the doctor, thus a recovery free from hassles. However since the doses have not been monitored and adjusted according to patient need, many have reported uncontrolled bleeding injuries from simple cuts and bruises. Death coming out as the end result as unlike the previous blood thinners in the market, Xarelto does not have an anticoagulant or a reversal agent and thus bleeding may not be stopped.