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TurboTax Class Action Lawsuit

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TurboTax Class Action Lawsuit

According to a recent news story in the Washington Post, Intuit’s insufficient security measures may be responsible for a new TurboTax Class Action Lawsuit.  This information has received the attention of many people who have recently found themselves to the the victim of tax fraud.

Victims of tax fraud are finding out that TurboTax’s online software may have been used to file fake returns in the victim’s name through two methods:

  •  Either previous TurboTax customers had their online account breached and compromised without their knowledge or,
  •  Data from other breaches (such as Anthem Blue Cross and Premera Blue Cross) were used to create fake accounts with very little verification necessary.

Intuit, the maker of the TurboTax software has admitted to an increase in suspicious tax returns filed this year and even halted e-filings for 24 hours in the beginning of February.

The Turbotax class action lawsuit states that Intuit did not do enough to protect their TurboTax customer’s personal information, and also they did not have appropriate safeguards in place to halt the suspicious tax returns from being filed.   This has created numerous headaches for victims.

How victims of the TurboTax Class Action Lawsuit are being affected.

Many people who have found themselves to be the victim of tax fraud are having to:

  • File police reports that they have become the victim of identity theft due to the TurboTax software
  • File a tax fraud incident report with the IRS to clear their name of the wrong doing.
  • Dispute bills from TurboTax for services they never requested or signed up for.
  • Deal with harassing letters in the mail to pay the TurboTax bill or be handed over to creditors.
  • Wait over 180 days to clear up the fraud and receive their actual refund.

What to do if you have become a victim of the TurboTax breach

If you or a loved one has become the victim of tax fraud or identity theft due to the negligence or insufficient security measures of TurboTax, you may be eligible to take part of the Turbotax class action lawsuit.

Call our attorneys at the Abbott Law Group today for a free consultation to see if you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for the time involved to fix the problems, restore your good standing with the IRS, the delay in receiving your tax return in a timely manor, and other damages which maybe considered for a claim.