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Dow Jones Data Breach

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Dow Jones Data Breach


Cloud based computer files containing sensitive personal and financial details of more than 4 million Dow Jones & Company’s subscribers to publications including the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s were exposed. The exposed data includes names, hominid business addresses, account information, email addresses and last four digits of credit card numbers of subscribers. The exposed information allowed any Amazon cloud service user with authentication credentials to download that data from Dow Jones’ cloud. The reason, according to UpGuard’s Chris Vickery was due to a “wrong” privacy setting ( https://www.upguard.com/breaches/cloud-leak-dow-jones).

Damages being Investigated for a Potential Dow Jones Class Action Lawsuit

While these data breaches are costly not only for the financial institution and credit unions, it also may greatly inconvenience the customer who was a subscriber to Dow Jones.

When hackers get the payment information from the infected point-of-sale machines, they then turn to the dark web to sell that information to identity thieves. These thieves will then reprogram the magnetic strip on dummy cards (or gift cards) with the stolen information to make huge purchases until the card either runs out of money or the bank becomes aware of the fraud and cancels the card.

This greatly could affect a person’s life if their bank account is emptied and they have a number of bills or payments that are pending or need to be paid for in the future.

Damages from Identity Theft may Include:

  • Fees for ordering replacement debit or credit cards
  • Overdraft statements or Nonsufficient Funds Fees
  • Late Fees for power, utility, auto, or house payments
  • Lowered credit rating

Compromised Cards may also Lead to Undue Hardships for Victims of the Breach

When a person’s bank account is empty, and it takes weeks for the financial institutions to straighten out the fraudulent charges, this waiting period can also bring additional financial hardships. Most people use their debit cards for their daily transactions such as paying for food, gas, and other items necessary items. This can be extremely frustrating for those affected, especially when it happens to them through no fault of their own.

Qualifying for a Dow Jones Class Action Lawsuit

If you are a Dow Jones publication subscriber, and have experienced identity theft or compromise and wish to discuss this with an attorney, please contact the Abbott Law Group for a free consultation.